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I saw an ad on FB for a Nintendo Switch + 3 games for $128 and thought this has to be a scam. It was [here]( on []( I started poking around their site. All of their “About” pages refer to themselves as “[](”?? Which is also a real domain that has just as little info online and looks like a clone. The stores look pretty legit and I didn’t find much with a WHOIS search. If they are illegitimate, how would they scam someone who tried to buy something from them? I’m not familiar with how fake merchants work.

EDIT: wow this generated way more buzz than I was expecting. As best as I can tell, the sound advice seems to be that it’s a scam and not to fall for it. I don’t know how reliably people can recover their money, but to all the people saying they’ll go for it and roll the dice, it seems like a bad idea. Best of luck!

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  1. How would they scam someone?

    By taking their money and not shipping the product.

    Also, the price is too good to be true… which means it’s a scam.

  2. Making sure people get the point, do not purchase anything off this website. Its highly likely that the guy who says he got something is lying. As it’s far too late for me, I will continue to update you guys I’ve already called my bank and they said to dispute the charges once the payment goes through. But please if you read this DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE. At least until we get further real proof, from anyone other then Samwise.

  3. They are both scams, ignore and move on.

    > how would they scam someone who tried to buy something from them?

    They would accept the payment, and that’s it..

  4. I just put in an order as well. Used my credit card so nice and “safe” as possible haha.

    Will update in 7-15 days

    Edit: went stupid on some PC components lol. All my wits say, “scam,” but charge backs are easy.

  5. On fixthed store: Links don’t work, prices are absurd.
    On Products not in correct categories (I saw a women’s product in the men’s section!), absurd pricing.
    Both sites have a poor privacy rating, and both look trashy. Don’t bother buying from them!

  6. I found an advertisement on facebook for whose “about us” section on their website also says they are . They are selling items for crazy cheap. I’d add to the list of dodgy websites connected with this pretty obvious scam.

  7. They are also operating under the name My mom saw an ad for them on Facebook and asked me to do some digging. Went to their about Us section and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, went to their Terms of Use, where the name came up. It seems they are using multiple domains to get people to fall.

  8. is a scam. I fell for it and ordered Bowflex selecttech dumbbells for $89, which is going for more than $300 these days. The item never arrived, I didn’t even get an order confirmation email. But they did charge my debit card. I should have thought about it, as my credit card did not work. I think they are not taking credit cards due to chargebacks. Scam. Stay away.

  9. i ordered some dumbbells and gave a credit card number that was never charged the phone they give is bogus and disconnected There is a gmail that I just sent an e mail to This sounds like a scam and needs to be shut down

  10. Found another shill site for this ring:

    Same format same layout/ WP theme and privacy policy references Pellucidy. Don’t buy

  11. Another one is ! It is a scam. The company on the cc is AmeriCan watertek inc with the address in TX. Conveniently, it is the office of
    Associated Republicans of Texas – 807 Brazos Street, Suite 601. Austin, Texas 78701. The payment was processed by Stripe. Scammer found a loophole in Stripe registration process.

  12. I ordered 14 days ago, didn’t recieve, and now am disputing the transaction.


    Also the site appears to have crashed.

  13. Hahaha I’m glad we’re all in the same boat. I ordered a set of dumbbells and haven’t received a confirmation after 24 hours. It’s reassuring the see that people actually got their products though

  14. I ordered the switch from nintendo for $ 128.00 , i did not receive a confirmation but i took a picture of my order number. I cant reach nobody. What can i do. My order was done march 31st 2020

  15. Yeah idk I think I’m going to call my bank see if I can cancel that payment as it hadn’t gone through yet. If you guys feel like risking it and do get something please let us know.

  16. I just bought the bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Let’s see. Am I shit outta luck if I used my debit card?

  17. fell for this too and used my debit, just locked the card, changed all my passwords and sent an email to my bank for worst case scenarios. posting because im new to reddit and idk how to “bookmark” threads

  18. I just ordered one and got a confirmation email with in 10 mins thanking me for the purchase. Problem is the account that charged me bank was a water boots store when i looked it up. Also the email came from the site they used to make there web site. I dont know but im going to wait the 10 days and closely monitor my bank account just in case.

  19. **********So I read through thread bc I was advising a friend buy some dumbbells from AD on IG but turns out just Googled it not even scam and this thread came up.
    I will say not enough truth on the website and so many red flags excited for few on here saying they got theirs???? Remember I just Googled their name and this popped up so if I was them I’d make couple false claims things went great to convince people to not call banks so they can get the money b4 bank can investigate and cancel.
    *********So even though it looks great and amazing prices for no damn reason I think this site is s&@#!
    Educated 35yr old from Los Angels so not going get scammed I’ve seen it all, cheers best luck!!!

  20. I bought one because I figured it was worth a shot (If I was careful) compared to the other switches which has doubled in price since retail went out of stock. The payment routed to KissedEarth, some Australian costmetics company. I’ll be calling my bank to report the fraud, but does anyone know why it routed there of all places?

  21. Guys if it’s a fraud, they now have your credit card info enough they can steal it and sell it or make purchases in your name. Report the card and ask for a new acct number due to fraud. They’ll be glad to do it. They don’t like the costs with fraud either. Do it sooner than later.

  22. Adding my two cents, ordered bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights and never got an email/invoice. Ordered with my CC and had multiple vendor names SMARTKIMYA.COM/FIXTHED/GABRIEL. The number on the FIXTHED website does not work as of this post. When I called number on CC transaction (SMARTKIMYA.COM) they are a Dallas based company, I spoke to them were aware someone stole their number and is using it as a source of contact. I have AA so pretty sure they will back the fraud charges but might need a new card to avoid multiple charges. DO NOT BUY!

  23. It is a scam. Called my bank and it said I purchased “water proof shoes” instead of the game system.

    Call your banks now!!

  24. I fell for it, which is not like me at all. On the phone with the bank right now, on hold of course. Transferred all the rest of the money out of the account associated with the Visa Debit Card.

  25. I seen this today on news break , that linked to facebook

    I did at one time make an order from here and when I didnt receive any confirmation of order , I started looking into it. No reply from email link, phone number is no longer in use, and the address they give doesnt exist. I called the post office in that town and the clerk told me that they have no address that matches that.

    I called my credit card company but they told me I had to wait so many days before I could dispute it , I ask why and they said it needs to clear first. So , now they have the money, and I did dispute it and received a refund but had to get a new card.

    If this site is legal , let me know ,they do show great deals. Lol

  26. Ordered a recliner for $109.00. Stupid on my part I guess but no chair, no refund. Fixedstore/Gabriel

  27. I purchased a chair about 2 months ago ans have not received a chair yet. It has to be a scam. Please call at 8328858257

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