Fake online electronics store

Fake online electronics store

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  1. That URL is registered outside the UK. They are claiming the name, location, and VAT number of a real business, so I guess you could contact that company and let them know. But, since whoever is behind this site is most likely not local, there is nothing the police can do. In the USA, you could also report them to the FTC perhaps. I don’t know what options there are over there.

    If the bank won’t do a charge-back, then the money is gone.

  2. **UK Goods store – cheap price**

    Next time you see the website can’t even write the language of the country they are supposedly from properly, stay away.

    Also it has it’s phone number listed as +44, if they were in the UK they would just use the 0. No UK business would put the international number.

    It also has “Television” instead of Televisions. I am willing to bet if you showed us more pages we would see more mistakes also.

    I am surprised the bank won’t still help you, that 28 days things seems like bullshit to me. If you have been defrauded then you can’t always pout a time limit on it. I would phone them back and get really annoyed about it and see if you can change their mind. Good luck!


    I found this website with a price comparison site, they had the cheapest Galaxy S8 I could find (but not implausibly cheap). I ordered one and it never arrived.

    They strung me along with emails like “Oh sorry, it was sent to the wrong address, we’ll ship you another one now” sort of thing for a while, until it was too late to do a chargeback on my bank account.

    My two questions are –

    1. Is there anything I can do about this? Already contacted the police (still waiting to hear back, it’s been more than 28 days), bank says they can’t help… the site itself still seems to be active, they got pissy at me for making a bunch of fake orders to try and get their attention.

    2. Was I a total dumb-dumb for falling for this? Sure it’s a site I’d never heard of, but in New Zealand I used to order from sites like this all the time, I just thought it was a Chinese import place. The site itself holds up to reasonable scrutiny – has a returns policy, limited company information etc (which I later discovered was forged from an unrelated limited company)

  4. No https. Although not a great way to tell a good fake website. The cost in paying for ssl cert is high that most low level scammers will avoid.

  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I think the reason my bank won’t help me is because I payed via a direct payment rather than through a debit/credit card. The site does offer cards as a payment option but I wanted to get it as a business expense so I paid directly through my account.

    The bank told me to talk to Trading Standards UK which told me to write the company a bunch of letters which obviously all came back return to sender.

    I’ll obviously be more careful in the future but honestly I’ve bought things online from sites just like this one – subpar english and all –
    over the last 10 or so years and never been stung… is the world just becoming a more dishonest place? Or is this kind of thing more frequent in the UK?

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