Fake PayPal order confirmation. But what’s the scam?

I received an email with a PayPal order confirmation that I bought a ring camera.

I went through the email, and all links are legitimate [Ring.com](https://Ring.com) or [Amazon.com](https://Amazon.com) links.

There is no link to a fake [PayPal.com](https://PayPal.com) page.

The ‘From’ address is obviously fake, it’s from ‘[email protected] <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>’.

There is no separate ‘Reply-To’.

The ONLY thing that I can think of is this phone number at the bottom of the page which doesn’t go to PayPal.

Is that the ONLY thing here? Or am I missing something…

Edit: called the number, Indian scammer trying to get me to install AnyDesk on my phone… Gonna set up separate wireless + empty phone to see what they do tomorrow.

The content was posted by AnnoyedVelociraptor on 2021-11-18 18:53:58 via reddit

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  1. zeno_speed says:

    The scam is for you to call them. They would refund your money but would accidentally add a few zero to the refund amount. The person would lost his/her job if you don’t send back the overpayment. The best way to fix the problem would be to buy some gift cards and send the code to them.

  2. WasMitDeKohln says:

    Call Them and Tell us. Sometimes Its funny to Talk to the indian CEO of Paypal 😅

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