So I received a call from someone saying they were an fbi agent and that I needed to oay a fine. And to zelle them the money. They even spoofed the fbi seattle head quarters number. Has anyone heard of this?

The content was posted by Sukthisd2x on 2021-10-06 02:02:12 via reddit

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  1. AceyAceyAcey says:

    Versions of this are common enough that we have an automod script for it. I think it was: !tax

  2. notmynameyours says:

    Yes, but the calls I’ve gotten ask for gift cards from Walmart or Best Buy, never had them ask for Zelle before.

  3. VegasOldPerv says:

    Similar to the “Your SSN is being investigated for fraud. Pay with Apple gift cards or you’ll be arrested” type scam.

  4. You can ask for their Zelle info and report their account as a potential scammer/victim(money mule).

  5. SeatEqual says:

    The only official correspondence from any US Federal agency will be via US mail (i.e.snail mail). Additionally, you can’t be fined without some kind of judicial action and you must be served official notice in person before any judicial action.

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