Fell for Google Play Store Scam

I feel so stupid falling for this. I didn’t realize it was a scam until several hours later. I contacted google but they said they could not refund the $200 to me. I hope noone else falls for scams like this!

Here’s what happened: I got an email from someone I hadn’t seen a long time. The subject of the email was Catching up. This is what they wrote

*How are you doing today?*

*Hope this email finds you well?*

*will be so glad if you can do me a favour?*


I hadn’t seen this person for long time and the email was sent from this person’s email address so I believed it was really him. I replied asking what do they want me to do. They replied saying they wanted to send a google play store gift card for a friend’s child because it was the child’s birthday. But because of COVID they are stuck home and they tried to buy it online but they couldn’t. So they asked if I could buy it for them and they’ll pay me back.

I fell for this part because I knew this person travelled a lot so he was probably in quarantine. He’s also an elderly person so I thought it made sense he couldn’t buy it online since he’s not good with computers. Later, I went to to the store and bought 4 google play gift cards, $50 each as the person in the email requested. I scratch the card and took a picture of the pin numbers and sent it to them. I would have not realized it was a scam, if they hadn’t sent me another email asking to buy 6 more gifts cards totalling $300.

Edit: I added details

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