First time seeing this, assume scam

My employer got a text, someone wanting a quote for a paver driveway. He gives me the info.

I call and the vm cuts off, then I get a text saying she can’t hear me (supposedly is Barbara). Says she just bough a new property, gives me address, and asks when we plan to visit the property for the quote. I suggest a date for the quote two weeks out. She then says she wants the job to start next week. Riiiiiiiiiight, we are booked until February.

Said non one lives there, she just bought it, so kindly get back with estimate.

Then says she is out of town, working as electrical engineer and is on the sea. So she wants us to ‘make the job before i got back cause I and my family could lived to relocating to the house’ and says at the end ‘my friend’

Now my radar is pinging scam. I checked the property and its been owned since 2006.

I can’t figure what this scam might entail. Since they would owe us money to start.

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  1. AceyAceyAcey says:

    Overpaying by !fakecheck and asking you to return the difference by gift cards.

  2. terayonjf says:

    You’ll agree, they will overpay telling you the extra is to forward to the “caretaker” to gain access to the property and when their fraudulent payment is pulled back your legit payment is gone

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