Flubot scam


Ive been getting text messages daily from these flubot scammers. So sick and tired of it.

Luckily I am an iPhone user and I heard this malware is targeted mostly for android phones. But it doesn’t totally rule out risks of getting your iPhone hacked. Is it true that iPhones can get infected too?

I’ve read that the scammers can gain access to your text messages and contacts (make calls and send text messages from your phone) and other personal information such as banking details and passwords.

Does anyone know if they will have access to your entire phone- For example, fb/Instagram account/messenger, other mobile messaging apps, PayPal accounts, notes, photos or videos? Or is it just the messages and contacts list they hack?

So can these scammers actually spy on your phone- would they be able to see my screen 24/7 and watch what I do on my phone? I’m worried that they may watch me type my passwords in on websites and apps.

Lastly, when scammers send messages or phone people from my phone, would I be able to see a record of these actions on my phone: for eg calls they made will appear on my recent call list and messages sent shown on my chat? Or will they not be visible to me?

I’m concerned as I clicked on the link twice; initially as I thought I was regarding the Parcel I was waiting for and once by accident. I don’t recall downloading anything though. So I should be safe right, as long as I clicked the link but didn’t download anything?

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  1. Huddlestone says:

    Best to scan. Yes they would not be scammers they’d be hackers. iPhones too can get infected with malware but on a much lesser scale since iOS code is proprietary.

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