Food prices will go up ‘tremendously’: Billionaire supermarket owner…

Food prices will go up ‘tremendously’: Billionaire supermarket owner…

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  1. StrandedintheDesert says:

    I strongly suspect that merchants (both wholesalers and retailers) are using “the supply chain” as an excuse for price gouging.

  2. makesameansandwich says:

    The comments at bottom read straight from fox. Wow. Its a cascade event dummies. 2m people retired in last year. Many of them truck drivers. The boomers, who are in their 80s to 60s have left the job market. Gen x, right behind them, have 30m less people in the generation. Simple math. Plus, a pandemic, causing shortages anyway, terrible work cultures pushing people to work 70hrs a week with no end in sight(see kellogs) and people finally saying enough. Its not a worker shortage only. Its a good employer shortage as well. No one wants to keep being abused and taken for granted. No one wants to work 70 hours a week.

  3. Sanders41 says:

    I love and hate that it has come down to this, but I started couponing because grocery costs became ridiculous + there was more free time due to the lockdown.

    It is very easy to get pantry foods and personal care items for free or like 90% discount. I even get extra to donate to the women’s shelter.

    The initial phase of learning can be time consuming and involve a lot of error, but I think it is an important lifeskill.

    For instance, this week two big tubs of greek yogurt was $1.98 at walmart (ibotta + swagbucks); half gallon oat milk was $0.49 at a kroger affiliate(in-app coupon + ibotta). Both well-known brand names!

    I heard from a redditor that they sell my shopping data, but I don’t mind…I’m not rich (or poor enough to get food stamps) and have to get by atm 😅

  4. dansantcpa says:

    Profit margins on grocery stores are historical 2-3% already. I absolutely see this happening. The saddest part will be an uptick in food deserts. Inner city and low income neighborhoods will be stuck with dollar general and the closest grocery will be farther than a reasonable walk or bus ride away. Increased obesity and less discretionary spending for the lower class but they got their raise!

  5. TheFiniteThrowAway says:

    Guess we’ll just have to buy organic food from local farms, oh no.

    Fuck cereal and energy bars and candy

  6. Castles4Waves says:

    >”Why give away something when you don’t have to give it away and you make more margin?” Catsimatidis asked. “So I think that now these companies are going to have record profits in the third quarter.”

    Use the shortage to gain the most profit ever!!!

  7. tonyislost says:

    Fox News has enough problems with defending insurrectionists. They shouldn’t be trying to push a revolution to eat the rich too 🤔

  8. Impressive_Oaktree says:

    Its inflation..just look at all the money that is printed during covid.

  9. rayhoughtonsgoals says:

    In fairness food costs are nonsensically low. Caveat; I am in Ireland. As a kid 25 years ago my family could spend 300 Irish pounds on a family shop for 7. Now 25 years on you can do the same and get way more luxury quality items for about 350 euro. The punt to euro rate was 1.27 so that’s pretty low inflation over 25 years against other food costs like coffee/restaurants etc

  10. ProudMaOfaSlut says:

    Way to squeeze us you f+t f+ck

  11. Been hearing a lot of this…I know Covid might be an issue still but we need to open the economy completely. It’s either we all push through together or we all fall together.

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