Forex metatrader 5 scam.

My brother met a girl on on a light side and she started teaching him how to do trading on metal trader 5 using a broker at this address address my brother did this for about a month and a 1/2 and then I got involved and once I did a little bit more research I found out that it is as actually a scam and and we lost some money.
I trusted this person because my brother had done it for a month and a 1/2 and he told me he had withdrawn some money which he had but then when we put in more money and we tried to withdraw a large amount the broker said This

“First of all, let me say sorry to you, I forgot to tell you. Because every time you make an investment, you and your brother and your brother’s friends are together, and then you go to withdraw money together. The system has checked that you bet with multiple accounts at the same time, suspected of money laundering. According to the International Financial Anti-Money Laundering Law (International Financial Anti-Money Laundering Law) to prevent users from using the Internet to launder money, each of you needs to pay a security deposit of US$2,000, and The payment will be returned to the payment account within 1-3 working days after the payment is successful.”

The brokers website is
Ahe said her name was Alisa.
Number+60 11-2148 1961
Brokers number is
+44 7446 483330.

Please be careful out there really research things I was Naive did not research it because I thought my brother had done the due diligence but then we ended up losing a lot of money I will report this to the fraud department of Canada and I will also report it to CIBC maybe they can put a warning out there for people so they don’t fall for this scam.

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  1. Sadly this is an old, old scam. The way the scam works is that they set up a fake brokerage website (or crypto currency exchange, or forex trading platform, etc.) The scammer controls this site and can make it look as if the investment is doing well just by manipulating the graphics display to show the money going up. In reality, all the money “invested” is just flowing directly into the scammer’s personal accounts.

    While researching individual broker sites is interesting, it doesn’t really help that much. The scammer makes a new site, uses it for a few weeks, then makes a new one and continues the same scam with a new identity. I looked into the site that you mentioned (ftseifc) and it appears to have been created last month (September 16 2021) and is set to expire next September, which is a pretty common indicator of a throwaway site that was created by a scammer. The person you know as Alisa is probably doing the same thing to a dozen other people using different names and identical fake brokerage sites with different names.

  2. Please beware of anyone who messages you claiming they can get your money back – these are !recovery scammers.

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