Frugal investment? My girlfriend and I decided to purchase an RV washing machine…

Frugal investment? My girlfriend and I decided to purchase an RV washing machine instead of spending a ton on the apartment laundromat. Well worth it! ($250 brand new)

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  1. weirdsideofreddit1 says:

    Why is it frugal?

    The washing machine works in a regular outlet and is small. So, it works in an apartment or home with no washer and dryer hook ups.

    All you need is an outlet and a place to fill / drain the water

    It’s cheaper than spending $1.50 – $2 for washing and $1.5-$2 for drying

    We do plan on getting a tumble dryer type, but that will be later on.

  2. SuburbanSubversive says:

    I knew a guy in college who had a portable dishwasher. Same idea – smaller, but was on casters. He had a Butcher block top on it so it functioned as an island / microwave cart & he’d just roll it across the floor to hook up to the sink for water supply / drainage. Worked great.

  3. papasbull says:

    Love this! Fucking genius. I hate the laundromat and their prices just went up. $2.50 for a regular wash.

  4. iliketothinkicansing says:

    Totally worth it. We were without appliance for almost 2 months when we moved. We only had 1 weeks worth of laundry for me and hubs and our 2 kids. Having it at home made the investment worth it.

  5. Substantial-Hair-170 says:

    What about the non electric washing/dryer swirl, the one with pedal to do manually, it would do the job just handsomely

  6. sackoftrees says:

    Is there a difference between an RV washer and an apartment washer? We just moved and are thinking about doing this as well. We already hang to dry most of our stuff and have a great dryer rack to do so. We don’t pay for water but do pay for electricity. Ours is generally very low anyways, especially since we run what appliances we have like this at night. Would love to know your thoughts on a small washer.

  7. Mariannereddit says:

    TIL in US you often need different outlets for washing machines. This saves you both money and time!

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  9. leapinleptards says:

    dude am i about to put a washing machine in my room so i never have to unload my family member’s laundry in pursuit of my own clean clothes??? what is happening.

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