FYI: If youre gonna use review sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews, only check for negative reviews.


For example, the above software is an Potentially Unwanted Poftware, which has no value and uses misleading advertising tactics.

* TotalAV flagged **245** of their reviews a total of **249** times.
* **6**% of those cases turned out to be invalid.

96% of those flagged reviews are 1 star reviews, 94% of which Trustpilot removes, its becoming impossible to trust these review sites when their biggest customers are scammers who pay them to remove negative reviews.

The content was posted by EndangeredPootis on 2021-10-06 10:39:02 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Thought everyone was doing this! Oh well, it needs being repeated.

  2. Okami-Alpha says:

    Sorry, maybe you can elaborate a bit. I’m confused.

    Looking up reviews of totalav by (supposedly) reputable sites such as PCmag, doesn’t label it as purely a PUP (point of fact a lot of AV software label other AV software as PUPs) but a mid-range AV software package (3 stars). Are we to assume we can’t trust sources like PCmag to be a relatively unbiased means of reviewing?

    How are we to assume that the 1 star reviews were actually legit in the first place and what criteria these sites use to base their removal? Products/businesses can get spammed by both 1 and 5 star reviews by competitors or bots.

    And also, Trustpilot removed about 80% of the flagged reviews, most of which had no response when trustpilot reached out to them (suggesting they were rightfully flagged). About 15% had the reviewer fix the breach in review guidelines. But it’s important to note that the flagged reviews is also a small fraction of the total reviews (250/20000), of which about 4% of them were negative. So TotalAV flagged about 1/3 of its 1 star reviews. Is it really a shocker that a company will mostly flag negative (1 star reviews) and not 5 star reviews?

    Really, when I dig into the data a little more, I don’t see anything that obviously fishy about what is presented here. [edit] with respect to Trustpilot’s practices

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