Gamivo “Smart” scam

Hello, I’d like to preface this that it’s in shady territory. It’s not necessarily a scam as much as it is–at least in my country–illegal. Also apologies for the formatting, I’m on my phone.

The website is a keyshop, I used most of these until very recently when I learned the shady nature of these websites. Using stolen cards to purchase games, fot example. There’s a few posts already:




And now, this one. There’s many things. The first thing I did was contact their support with two requests the first being, naturally a refund. The second, the deletion of my account and all its data. To keep it short, they said no, we cannot refund you with the most bullcrap excuses. Now I’ve made a deal out if it with PayPal, and if they deny it, I intend to chargeback from my bank and keep it at that.

See, in my country (Netherlands) there are numerous consumer protection laws. A big one being that such subscriptions and services must be clear and not small print. I called a service called “Het Juridisch Loket” ( ) which provides advice and legal advice for free. Again, without going into detail they’ve provided me with the knowledge and certainty that this is blatantly put illegal. Their main reasoning being that such a service must be opt-in, NOT opt-out. Not to mention, we have a fourteen day–it does not matter what–no hassle return/refund policy ( ). This includes the latest charge especially since I did not use this month’s service at all. In addition, to do commerce in countries especially European once that countries consumer laws are in effect ( ). To sum it up, this practice is illegal. Is the money worth it? No. Would it be easier to just give them the money, close my account, cancel my subscription? Absolutely. However this is not okay. Like many companies, letting them get away with sleights like this will not work in the consumers benefits. A point has to be made.


A keyshop has an OPT-OUT subscription service. This should be opt-in in the Netherlands. Therefore, if not them or PayPal, depending on your country you’re entitled to a refund and I intend to.

With regards and have a good day,


EDIT: I’ve also decided. The key of the game I bought was a month or so ago called “Armello”. With the money charged back, I’ll be buying a fresh key from the Steam store and gift it to someone with said money just to prove a point. If anyone’s interested and think the game looks fun, and the chargeback goes well, feel free. Just DM me or post a recipe in the comments for me to try because I’ve been trying to learn cooking. Cheers!

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