Gave Phone Number (help!)

Hey anyone and everyone. I hate that this is my first official post on Reddit but I’m incredibly anxious right now.

So today I got a CEO scam in my work email. Didn’t think anything of it since I’m usually working directly with them and on my phone and didn’t think to confirm the email address. (Basically just shows their full name on my app, you know how it goes)

If you know the scam, they basically are saying there is an urgent request that they will call you about and they just need your number to talk out the details. Stupidly, I gave them my number and they texted me with the more obviously scammer details (basically, gift card scam).

Once I realized I blocked the number and reached out to IT to warn others.

What I’m worrying about now is that they have my work email (which set up the whole scam) and my mobile number. How screwed am I? What should I do to prevent any chance at identity fraud?

Thanks to anyone who can advise.


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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Phone numbers are public record. Your number is on any number of information broker lists and people finder sites. You should expect more scam calls, that’s about it.

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