Getting investing calls from UK?

I’ve been getting daily ‏‏‎ calls for months at foreign numbers (often UK). When I answer they often say that I have opened a new investment account despite never registering on any of their sites. They have my credentials correct, such as full name, phone number and sometimes email address. But sometimes the email registered on “my account” is another email, such as [email protected] They will ask me if I have any experience with trading before. If not then they will teach me about stock market and trading. They will ask me to verify the account for their site and put some money to their trading service. So far I haven’t registered on anything they told me to. It just seems… fishy. I’ve asked for details about my account and most of the time they get my credentials correct. Have you experienced the same? Have you been scammed by this? Let me know 🙂

The content was posted by barmerv on 2021-11-17 10:29:53 via reddit

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  1. music_man1959 says:

    No, no and thrice no!!

    You didn’t contact them so its a scam. Have you checked []( to see whether your email features in any of the data breaches?

    Sounds like a boiler room operation. The use of a UK phone number can also be an indication of something scammy. Anyone can get a UK phone number , see [](

    Have you tried Googling any of the phone numbers that have contacted you?

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