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Hi Everyone,

Here’s a new scam to look out for. I have encountered this twice in the past few weeks, in two different email accounts. The scammer is somehow able to disguise themselves as a contact from your email, and then they send a request asking you for a favour without disclosing what that favour is. You open the email thinking it’s from someone you know, and then when you respond, they ask you to purchase a gift card for them for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. They say they can’t get to the store today and they are having trouble purchasing online, and promise to pay you back asap. If you ask them to call you, they’ll respond by saying their phone is “going nuts”. Hopefully this post saves some people some grief, it’s really creepy how scammers are able to disguise themselves through email like that.

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  1. A few years ago, a person in my email contact list, (not really a friend but more someone I’d met through business) emailed something like, “Wanted to let you all know Jack (her husband) is in the hospital, about to undergo some major heart surgery. Please keep him in your prayers, etc.”

    I had met this person and her husband, so I felt I should email back, saying I wished him well, etc. etc.

    Within an hour or so, “she” replied, “Thank you so much for your support! I wonder if you could do me a favor? My niece’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m not able to leave the hospital as I await Jack’s surgery. Would you be able to buy a gift card for me? I will pay you back tomorrow when I’m able to go home for awhile.”

    Obviously, I didn’t reply and at that point realized her contact list had been hacked.

    I’d also–years ago–received pleas for help for someone in my contact list who was “stranded in Europe with her passport stolen and no money to pay her hotel bill,” so variations on this scam have been around for quite awhile.

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