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Hi there. A friend of mine had a winners gift card for 100. He was selling it for 80. Someone messaged him asking if the back where the pin Is location was still intact. It was but the buyer requested a pic to make sure before they decided to come out and meet my friend. So my friend took a pic and sent it to the buyer. Then my friend was messaged by another random person saying to be careful because they too were ripped off. So my friend decided to check the balance of the gift card and the balance was zero.

How did this happen?
How was the person able to spend the money?
Can my friend do anything about it?


The content was posted by Victorbanner on 2020-09-17 06:18:33 via reddit

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  1. thisismyusername51 says:

    Unfortunately, your friend is scammed and the money is gone.

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