Google hangouts scam

So I recently fell for a hangouts scam, didn’t pay them and blocked them. They threatened to send the video out and sent pictures of my facebook account and some people I follow on insta, would they actually send it to them?

The content was posted by JPablo25 on 2021-10-07 10:52:39 via reddit

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  1. Dabrigstar says:

    They only want money out of you, the second you block them and they realise they won’t be getting money from you they will lose all interest in you.

    And even if they did release a video, what do you think would happen? If I saw a video of my friend naked I wouldn’t mention it to them because I wouldn’t want to embarrass them

  2. WorthTomorrow7476 says:

    I had is same thing happened to me right now but off a date app but all they have is text no pictures or videos they keep treating me with it I’m freaking out bc they keep texting my number over and I keep blocking them they keep texting me from other numbers

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