Google’s Quantum AI scam

Hey there scammers!

I wanted to share with you this scam I came across recently a lot of people are falling for.

According to this [news articles](, the CEO of Google is working on some artificial intelligence in a quantum computer that trades in Wall Street better than anybody. This AI system will make you money in no time.

According to this article, this new system would be available to the public for a price of $10k, but a lifetime subscription is available to the first thousand people that sign up for a free trial.

Needless to say, the link to the trial subscription is all over the article. I searched online for any information on the subject matter and I wasn’t able to find anything. People on Twitter are reporting scam callers after they signed up for the trial subscription.

Don’t be retarded, be aware!

The content was posted by Major_Retarded on 2021-10-06 20:57:22 via reddit

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  1. Always funny to see people believe a person/company that “easily” beats a market with high %, would lend/sell it to others. Especially in open market.

    Greed is a dangerous trait.

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