Got a phone call from an “insurance expert”

Basically I got a call from someone claiming to be an “insurance and credit expert”, the woman on the phone called me by name and she asked when is it okay to have a meeting to discuss and compare the best insurance for me. I wasn’t really paying attention and I gave her my age and my address and when we can meet. Just now it occurred to me it might have been a phishing attempt. IF it was, is there much they can do with my address, name, age (not birthdate!) and phone number?

The content was posted by Sharp_Mix13 on 2021-10-07 16:31:38 via reddit

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  1. Nothing I guess. Although, one thing I have in mind is if this caller has something to do with telemarketer/scams. They could sell the info you gave for them to gain profit.

  2. joeyGibson says:

    > I wasn’t really paying attention and I gave her

    So many scams could be avoided if people actually _would_ pay attention to who they are talking to, and what that person is asking for.

    Even better, is to just stop answering calls from unknown callers. If a call is actually important, the caller will leave a message.

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