Got a scam call. Am I in trouble?

I got a scam call today. The person had an Indian accent and had my full name, my telephone number, and my work email address. He said he is from “Cloud Report” and wants to register me for a webinar and will send me an email with the details. The webinar is for 60 minutes and is on 21-Oct-2021. He insisted that should he go ahead and register my name in the webinar. I told him to send me an email and then I will register. Of course, I did not get any email so far.

I asked him how he got my number and he told me he found my number on linkedin and they have a research team for doing this stuff.

I called the number back and it was obviously was an invalid number.

Am I in trouble? What should I look out for?

The content was posted by HusbandAbused on 2021-10-05 22:08:44 via reddit

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  1. Espresso_Thy_Depress says:

    Complete scam, if anything, the person got ur info from some sketchy websites where people share emails and shit they obtain after scamming someone, I’d say change all ur passwords and double check anything, the real problem is the fact that websites have ur stuff, the scam caller cant do anything

  2. doveharper says:

    I bet he said “kindly” at least once in the conversation 😆

  3. LinkedIn had a data breach where info (but not logins/passwords) got scraped and sold, so this is just targeted spam.

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