Got a weird (online consignment store) email.

Sorry for the long post. I’m not sure where to post this, I’ve looked around and couldn’t really find a designated place to ask about this, I thought about asking findareddit where a potentially better place would be to ask but I’m not sure if it’ll help. Backstory, I’ve had an account on which I never really used. I had gotten emails from them for years but about a year ago I decided I had enough and “deleted” my account by removing the app/website from my facebook settings, as far as I know I’ve only used my FB to create/login to swap. com, no email signup w/password. I’m not sure if removing them actually deletes the account or not, I did something similar with Wish. com but when I logged back in through FB to check my account because of other weird emails I got last year everything was still there, order history etc, but nothing phony/I didn’t do was on my account but yet the weird wish emails continued for a while. So anyway I stopped getting emails from Swap. com after removing them from FB. But I just got an email supposedly from them but they used an email address I haven’t received from before. It was about a seller update and they mentioned moving to a different fulfillment center and stuff, they didn’t mention my name, which their other emails did in the past, and they thanked me for being a seller on there. I was never a seller on that site. So I decided to try and check in to my account which I assume was still there even after removing them like I did with Wish. I went to login with FB on the site, initially there was an error, but I pushed the button again and it went. I checked out my profile and everything, nothing unusual/no activity, except there was no email address listed for my profile. I thought that was pretty weird cause after logging in FB notified me saying info was exchanged when I logged in such as the profile pic, email address etc. But the email address wasn’t on my profile, it was blank. I assume it was on there at one point cause how did they send emails to me before? So I decided to try an alternate method by doing a password reset using my email address in case I forgot I created an account that way but I kept getting an error message that either the account doesn’t exist or there’s an error in the email address. So hopefully that validates that I’ve only created my account using my FB to login. But it still begs the question why did I get an email from them about a seller update? One idea is that they retained my old info from FB and may have potentially sent it to me by mistake, or maybe it was intended for some else entirely and somehow I got it, I heard of that happening to people with other sites. Considering that my email address doesn’t show on the profile at all I’m wondering if the site is experiencing glitches or something. I wouldn’t think it’d be possible to create another account using the same email address if one with it already existed, so point is it’s just weird. I’ll add that within at least the past year someone’s been accidentally putting my email address for stuff, such as trying to change their Wish. com email address to mine, that’s yet another weird thing cause I didn’t think the attempt would even be possible since I already had a Wish. com account with that email address, even though my account was created through FB. So yeah just weird. I’m not sure if anyone here would know what’s going on but I thought I’d ask anyway what people’s 2 cents are on this.

**TL;DR** I “deleted” my Swap. com account a few years after creating it I assume only through FB, and never really used it in the first place. Stopped getting emails since then but just got another about a “Seller Update” though I was never a seller on there, it was a different email address it came from then any others I received from them and didn’t mention my name. Tried logging back into it through FB, nothing unusual except my email address wouldn’t show on my swap. com account, tried a password reset just in case but there was an error so I assume it means I only created the account through FB. But begs the question why doesn’t my email address show on the profile and why did I get that email?

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  1. It was probably a mass email the company sent out to everyone on their list of addresses. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but keep an eye on the bank account or credit card you used with them, if any, just in case.

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