Got an email with this subject and message. Is this a scam?

Subject: Hey I got all the info I need

“I got all the info I need to have them come down on u. Guess what when my friend at the police did a background check w your name the phone also came up. Employment, family members, and even neighbors so you best make this right before I turn it over to the authorities”

This person even discovered my old address but misspelled it. It was something like this:

“Guess who. U at *** **********!!! Yeah that’s what I thought. I’m on my way there now. “

The content was posted by Difficult_Border_758 on 2021-11-20 03:42:25 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    It’s just somebody trying to get you to panic and reply so they can run some scam or other on you, probably looking for gift cards.

  2. pkpearson says:

    Scammers with a tiny bit of information about you often try to leverage that to pretend they have something Important. This looks like one of those.

  3. Definitely a scam. “I have a friend at the police” c’mon.

  4. I_Have_CDO says:

    100% scam. Delete. Don’t respond.

  5. Probably found that by data breaches from websites you signed up or brought from. Usually people’s ip addresses, emails, passwords and etc, end up on pastebins on the internet when a hacker data breaches a site.

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