Got scammed and gave away all my info including my social security.

Long story short, I’m a gullible idiot who fell for one of those scams that claimed someone tried to log into my bank account. I gave them my debit card, mailing address and ssn. After I realized that it might’ve been a scam I immediately froze my card and I plan on getting a new one tomorrow. I also froze my credit via experian. Is there anything else I can do to prevent identity theft from happening?

The content was posted by thegenericwhiteJ on 2021-11-12 02:36:12 via reddit

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  1. theillusionist_90 says:

    What can they do with your ssn)/?

  2. teratical says:

    If it makes you feel any better, we’ve hit the point with data breaches where almost everyone’s info is out there, including social security number. Remember, in just one (of thousands) of data breaches, Equifax gave up the crown jewels (all data, including SS #) of 50% of Americans! I’ve personally been involved in at least 15 data breaches, with many of those including my SS #.

    So while you put your SS # directly into the hands of bad actors, it’s probable that it was already available to them on the dark web anyway.

    *I also froze my credit via experian.*

    As noted in the ID theft link provided, make sure to freeze it with all of the credit agencies. In fact, everyone should being doing this, since most people’s info is already out there.

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