Got scammed by a fake Mexican cartel …full story here.I need help

Guys I need your help!sorry for the long text but this is important and I need advice! Please!

This all started 2 years ago (2018) when I hit up girl on Facebook. She was really cute so I told myself “why not talk to her?” so I ended messaging her, started talking and later on,she moved the conversation to WhatsApp.She wanted to sent her money so we could meet up and hook up but I said “no! I don’t send money to strangers!” She wanted me to send her $300 to some random guy living in Dominican Republic (DR) using western Union.I was very hesitant and ended up declining all her Attempts, stop talking to her and block her number. Like seriously,it became very suspicious when she requested me to send $300 to some dude at DR for a hook up.

The very next day,I received text and a phone call from a random number and it was a Spanish dude requesting me to pay him money for wasting the girl’s time.He introduced himself as a member of the zetas cartel and he demanded pay a penalty of $700 or else, he would have me and my family killed.He also sent me a very disturbing text with disturbing pictures of corpses of people. He knew my name, where I lived and he also claimed that he knew who were my family members and where they live.I was scared shitless; I was terrified like my entire body was shaking of fear and I could barely speak.I was so scared that I ended up sending him money.I know what you guys are going to say,”why did you do it? He’s trying to trick you and you felt for it!”. Well guys,back then I was very young and stupid! I was 22 years old, very naive and still had the mentality of a teenager.I was so scared to contact the police o tell any of my family members because the guy knew my name and much more about me.I didn’t wanted to be the guy that would have his family killed over $700. That’s right,he demanded a penalty of $700 for wasting the girl’s time.

When I sent him the money,I thought it was over and I was good but 2 hours later,he called me again and requesting more money.According to him,he said that the store(the place where I sent the money to) found something suspicious and block the transaction.He also said that the police and the FBI were on to him and the cartel and that they lock the cartel’s bank account.Guys, Im not making this up,this is literally what he told me and I don’t have the words to describe how TERRIFIED I was when he told me this!!! like I felt like my heart stopped beating. I told myself “how the hell did I got into this mess”; so he told me to follow every step and that everything was going to be okay.He requested more money and my dumb ass sent him more money.Later on,he requested more and I was reluctant to send him any more so I told him that I didn’t had anymore money so that’s when he said “ if you don’t send us money money to help us fix this issue,then are going to have you killed along with you family” threatening me to cut cut my head off along with my family.Again,I was so nervous,scared, and terrified that I ended up doing what he asked me to do.

I sent him more money until the point where I didn’t had a penny left in my savings account. I tried to tell him I didn’t had any money left but he refused to listen and told me to find another way to get money or else.Me being so afraid that I didn’t wanted to tell this to any of my family members so I ended up taking out money from all my credit cards so yes,you can imagine how this impacted me negatively. My credit score went to good to HORRIBLE. I was in debt with no money left in my savings account still stuck with this problem. I honestly believed that I sent them over $50,000 just to get this Over with but despite my efforts, they (him and the supposedly cartel “still requested more money.It got to a point when I made it VERY CLEAR to them that I was completely broke and in debt with the banks.There was no way for me to pay them any more money.They refused to listen and requested to send them $20,000 to finalize everything and for once it for all,to leave me alone.We ended up agreeing of me sending them $1000 each month to them.

Now this is where I found out all this shit was a total scam.So last month,I lost my job due to the coronavirus and I didn’t had no choice but to enroll for unemployment.I called him,explain the situation and beg him to give me time to recover so I can continue making the monthly plans again. He ended up agreeing but with the condition to send him money for last month and then he would give me time to recover.I ended up not paying him because there was no way for me to send him the money so he spare me and gave me more time.

So my stupid self was all stress out ,trying to find a way to get a loan from the bank that would help me pay all my debts.I was in so much debt that I ended up enrolling into a debt settlement company that would help me pay all my credit cards into one but of course,with my credit being all mess up,it was impossible for me to get a loan from any bank.I basically ruined my credit and I know it would take me years to bounce back and fully recover.I couldn’t find a way to get anymore money so I was scared but then a thought came into my head. I was inside of my car,thinking about everything and I asked myself “why would the cartel would be after a person for some money that they can make in a day?” I mean is a cartel,they can make thousands or millions of dollars by selling drugs in a day. Even more strange, why would the Zetas cartel would want me to send money to some dude in Dominican Republic?I mean,aren’t they located in Mexico? This is where I begin wondering wether this was a scam or something else.I started doing my research on the internet to see if there were similar cases about this and how people have handle it and that’s where I found out the truth! Others have experienced this scam where they have been contacted by some people claiming to be from the zetas cartel, demanding money or else they will kill them and their family members.I saw stories from Reddit and Quora where people have hit it up with some girl in Facebook then move the conversation to WhatsApp and then ended up getting the call or text from those people claiming to be from the zetas cartel and demand money for wasting the girl’s time or else have each of their family member killed (including them).I even saw a YouTube video of a victim of this scam!!!!I read the comments from YouTube,Reddit and Quora and I found out that these guys aren’t from any cartel,they just some dudes from the Dominican republic pretending to be from a cartel and use fear to get into people’s wallet.Yes,they have your information but that’s only because you can find it online.They can make seen that they are watching you but they are just getting everything online. I don’t have the enough words to describe how idiotic I feel right now.How I was manipulated so easily.The pain and suffering I went thru just to pay these guys.There were even days when I couldn’t even eat because I didn’t had money to buy me a meal! I was in great pain while these guys were enjoying my money.All those lies that he said that his accounts were block and I owe money to the cartel!!!!!!!

So obviously now,I will not send anymore money.I am ready to report this to the police and change my number but the thing is I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the police might believe that I was doing something illegal or something.This started over 2 years ago and I have enough proof(text message,photos,receipts,names ) to prove my innocent and that I was a victim of a scam but I’m afraid that the police might not believe me and say, “why didn’t you report this 2 years ago when this Whole thing started?” Guys I was only 22 years old. I was a very stupid kid that easily got scammed and manipulated.Those guys ruined my life and I demand justice!They stole from me and made my life miserable and now is time to end this once it for all.Those guys have my info so I don’t want to be frame for something that I didn’t do.

My questions are:

1-will I get in trouble if I report this to the police?
2-If there a way for me to get my money back and explain to the banks the whole situation about my case?
3-I don’t want my family to find out,but will they end up finding out if I report this to the police?I want to keep this personal.
4- Can those scammers do something with my information?

I don’t want my family to find out,especially my mom.I know that her heart wouldn’t be able take it if she find out about this.

Also guys,I have attached sources of where I found out this information.

Thank you guys for reading this.Please help me!I need advice.

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  1. You can go to the police but nothing is going to happen, they’ll take a report and it will go in a filing cabinet and it will never be seen again. You should check out the common scams post:

    > -If there a way for me to get my money back and explain to the banks the whole situation about my case?

    What payment method did you use?

    > 4- Can those scammers do something with my information?

    Do they have any private info or just name/address/phone and whatnot?

  2. 1) why would you get in trouble with the police? You were a victim of extortion. What could they think you were doing?
    2) the money is gone, and even if you were to explain to the banks that you used the money to pay an extortionist for two years, they will not excuse the debt. Certainly they don’t want to be the ones paying your extortionist.
    3) the problem with going to the police is what are they going to do? You were paying someone with a fake phone down in the Dominican Republic. There is nothing they can do to help you out unfortunately except give you a case number which may help you with banks or credit card companies if you choose to pursue that. I don’t see any reason why in most places in the US you couldn’t keep this quiet from your family if you go to the police, rural towns excluded.
    4) scammers aren’t going to do anything except try to scare you for more and more money. Cut contact, change your number and block theirs.

    I just want to say I feel like you really should talk to someone close too you, family
    Or otherwise. I mean, to spend tens of thousands of dollars on this without talking to a friend, a brother, an uncle, someone you could trust is tragic-all this for talking up a girl who tried to get you to pay her money? I wish you had someone close to you you could have talked to man…maybe find that someone now and talk to them about digging out financially. I wish you luck.

  3. Bro this happened to me today.. I was messing around on a escort site, I texted a few numbers and the next day I started getting death threats and all that bad stuff.. I was shitting it because they knew my address and family members. And they sent very disturbing messages. I was scared as shit. Still kinda shook by it. I had to come to google and see if anyone’s experienced something similar.. I’m kinda relieved but still scared.. the fact that someone knows where you live and your family members is scary.. hit me when you see this, I would like to chat about it as I’m still shook by my experience

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