Got scammed by online friend

I’m 19 and i had a online friend with same interest as mine we both love software development so we used to talk about it on WhatsApp, i was having trouble creating google play store account and he was selling his account so he offered me to buy it, i trusted him we had a deal I’ll pay 10$ first then he will give me account email and password then I’ll pay rest 10$. But it didn’t went than smooth he’s payment was on hold and may take 3 to 5 day(according to PayPal) to get him, he said he’ll give details when payments confirms but i said I’ll give more 5$ to share account details right then, by friend agrees for the deal and i made payment and now he ghosted me.

15$ is not a big deal but i trusted him and now i don’t know what i can do.

The content was posted by adiii_6838 on 2021-04-22 10:02:45 via reddit

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  1. Given you are interested in software development, you should have basic knowledge on account creation. You don’t need to create separate google play account. If you have a Gmail account, that’s the one you use to sign into all google services.

  2. you must be a good software developer, can’t even manage to create your own google play store account?

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