Got scammed of $400 from a fake online selling store NGP

I was trying to find good deals for GTX 1080 Ti FE 11GB. Found a great deal on “craigslist” of my country. which is []( It was selling for $600. I was so ecstatic I quickly contacted the guy. He told me he has listed his stores products on OLX and his store is located in USA. The store is NGP store. He showed me some documents for legitimacy of the store. He said I need to pay $200 for logistics of initiating the delivery like taxes and stuff. He also told me to deposit the money in an account that was running in a bank in my country. He said remaining amount will be paid to the delivery company when you receive the package. I went and paid. Then a day later (me still waiting for tracking number) he said the company says they cant take $400 on receivers end so I need to pay him $200 more. I hesitated and quarreled but in the end made the payment again. After that he sent me the URL []( and a tracking number us108861pk. You can still check this as of Jan 22nd 2018. I checked it day by day package getting closer. After it reached my country it showed ” Package on Hold by Custom Clearance “. Then he contacted me and said there was a mis-packaging and you are receiving 2 GTX 1080 Ti. So you need to pay the $200 for the other one again. Your country won’t let it go without the duty. Interestingly I was seeing 2 units from the start in the tracking info. Now I don’t plan to give him more money. This was my first time ordering something online. Is this normal or I am really f***ed. I am sure it is the later. Also the payment this time needs to go to somewhere in Africa.

Some extra info the guy claims to be from UK and says he moved to USA his accent is very clearly African. He showed me the video of him at the delivery company. some pictures of receipts of DHL.

Ask me any detail I will give as much as I can.


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  1. It’s a very common scam. The tracking site is fake and was created by the scammer. Did you make all of your payments via bank transfer?

  2. > He said I need to pay $200 for logistics of initiating the delivery like taxes and stuff.

    Yes, that’s pretty common when the scammer is located in West Africa.

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