Got scammed on ebay I believe, HELP!

I hope this is the right sub for this, if not if someone could point somewhere else that would great!

Found a Pioneer XDJ set on eBay listed as open box for about $1200(new their about $2000). Bought it from eBay through my PayPal. About an hour after purchasing I got an email from eBay saying they had to cancel the order for some reason. In the email there was a link to show details of the cancelation but the link took me to a 404 eBay page. Didnt worry about it too much figured I would get my money back. After a few days I never got the refund so I attempted to settle the issue through eBay. However because eBay canceled the order it does not show up in my purchase history so I have no way of disputing. Filed a claim with paypal instead. About 10 days of the claim it was settled and PayPal denied the claim because somehow a tracking number was created and the item shows it was shipped. It was not shipped the day it says it was, I have a door bell camera and do not have any deliveries that day.


I’m not sure what to do, it seems impossible to speak with a human at both paypal and ebay. Any advice or insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. They probably sent a box with cheap crap in it to someone in the same ZIP code, in order to generate a tracking number. Escalate the complaint.

  2. If you paid through eBay and eBay cancelled the order, you would have been refunded immediately. This part of your story doesn’t compute.

  3. Littlewolf814 says:

    This is why you dont do anything Prepaid with people you dont personally know.

    Ive a rule in life, never pay in advance for anything used/old and advice you to do the same, better just buy new/used in local area where you can physically meet!

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