Got scammed on Telegram, did btc payment and now I need to find out who this guy really is

Few weeks back I got scammed. Did a btc payment, but didnt receive anything.

Now I want my money back, the scammer wont do that ofcourse. But is there a way to find out who this guy really is? I have an email adress and a btc adress where i sent my btc too.

Hopefully someone has some ideas 🙂

The content was posted by Cesa1994 on 2021-11-19 12:00:38 via reddit

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  1. itscomplicated555 says:

    Watch out for recovery scams. Don’t allow anyone control of your wallet.

  2. joeyGibson says:

    Your BTC is gone. There is no finding out who he really is, or getting your BTC back. Don’t believe anyone who claims they can get it back for you.

  3. J-96788-EU says:

    I have some idea.

    Move on and be careful in the future.

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