Got scammed trying to purchase psilocybin :/

Got scammed trying to purchase psilocybin :/

The content was posted by Heavy-Story4679 on 2021-10-08 18:36:24 via reddit

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  1. CrimsonKnight98 says:

    You got scammed buying illegal drugs?

  2. celestialempress says:

    You mean the random stranger offering to sell you illegal drugs through your DMs actually *wasn’t* a trustworthy person? Who could have guessed!

  3. Aunty_Fascist says:

    never try to buy illegal substances online. The chances of getting a legit seller are infinitesimal. They’re pretty much all scams. This is what happens when you try.

    Now you need to watch out for !recovery scammers, as they lurk here and will be looking to scam you a second time.

  4. JTheberge83 says:


    You mean a random stranger offered to sell you illegal drugs (inb4 medical. Stfu. It’s still illegal. You’re like people who try to argue that marijuana is medicine. Sure is. It’s a drug, like caffeine, nicotine, etc.) And didn’t send them and tried to scam you out of more money?

    Man, what has this world come to?

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