Goverbit Crypto Scam?

Hello all, recently I got a message on Discord that I was the winner of a BTC giveaway. There was a link and a promo code to redeem the prize.

I followed the link just for shits and giggles and made an acc, no personal info necessary besides email, and entered the promo code.

I redeemed .3 BTC and here’s the catch. I was chatting with the online support team for goverbit, and was told that in order to withdraw, a deposit of 0.007 BTC ($450 ish) is necessary to verify the account. There was technical reasoning for the safety of verifying i’m a real human and whatnot.

Anyway so I’ve been wondering all day what’s the deal… is the site.

The content was posted by joey-thedestroyer on 2021-11-13 03:16:58 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    !crypto scam

    Very common. Nobody’s giving free money away. They’re after yours.

  2. HawrdRawk says:

    Is it not obvious it’s a scam by just looking at the home page?

    Misspelled words, wrong tenses, poor formatting, etc. Probably run by Chinese or Russian scammers.

  3. ScientificFlamingo says:

    It’s a form of !advance fee scam. They’re promising you a windfall, but first there’s a little fee that needs to be paid. If you pay that, there will be another, and another. You’re spending money chasing a pot of gold that didn’t exist.

  4. halftimeibis says:

    Their privacy policy is uhhh… ‘We take our responsibilities under the Constitution of United States of Amerie’

  5. The domain has 36 days only and the contact information in WHOIS is held for Privacy. They hide IP adresses with Cloudflare, but I know they are chinese scammers hidden in Phillipines.

    This webpage is from a cluster of Phillipines Sha Zhu Pan scammers and they also have with the same lay out and same certificates.
    100% scammers.

  6. ShipPrestigious4198 says:

    It is a scam, from the site alone. There is nothing authentic about them. I received same as well, so sad that I understand immediately when registering my account. While putting my password, it didn’t show asterisk when doing it. Damn shame. Guys beware the name on Discord that sent to me is Drew Rubio

  7. If you win a giveaway you didn’t enter, 999 times out of 1,000 it’s a scam

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