Guy claiming to be Google employee trying to sell ads? Is this a scam?

A guy came into a buddy’s store claiming to work for Google. He had a business card and everything. He claimed to be able to sell ads online about his store for a one time flat fee. I’m not sure about the specifics about the story because I wasn’t there, but this sounds sketchy to me because I know google ads are sold on a click-by-click basis. He’s not a tech guy so he doesn’t understand. I’m going to guess that this is a scam/shakedown. Am I correct?

Edit: I learned a little more about this guy. He’s a “street view business certified photographer”. He doesn’t directly claim he works for google, but his business cards + the way he speaks makes you think that he does. u/memorex1150 just about nailed it!

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  1. sounds like a complete scam I don’t think Google sends door to door salesmen to rent ad space…

  2. Did he say was from “Google Quality control at OCM” or some such thing? I get nonstop calls from those people. You really have to interrogate them before they admit that they are from the “google quality control” department at a totally unaffiliated company called OPM or OCM or something like that. Selling some dumb service. It’s super shady and they obviously want you to think they’re calling from Google.

  3. They used to show up at my old business at least one time every six months.

    Claim to be from Google; even had cards with Google logo on it, but, if you looked at the card, it was NOT a Google employee….rather, they MARKETED for Google.

    Note: NOT an employee, but, boy, oh boy did they use the word “Google” a LOT.

    For someone who isn’t an employee of Google, they were sure insistent to make sure I understood the work they did “was for Google”

    They were 3rd party marketers who wanted $$$ to “advertise” your business. Shit you can do for absolutely and totally free. Like, literally, ZERO cost to me as the manager, but, pay them $300 – $1,500 to put up an ad. On Google. That would show up once or twice.

    In short, they are ‘legit’ yes, they are marketers who market, and Google is a platform they put a shitty ad on a few times, but, they are NOT in fact THE Google company, and they are NOT direct markets/advertisers for Google.

    They’re shady as fuck. They upsell massively. They are close to scammers.

    Tell ’em to fuck off and show ’em the door they came in.

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