Happened to an alumni from my college

maybe I should tell you this so you can warn other students. This year I got a scammer, some “Chinese police” called me and told me my Chinese id was leaking and involved with illegal money laundering activities in China. They had all my information, including some police report with my ID number, photo, address, etc. and they even called me from a number of a Shanghai police station. They told me I might needed to be transferred back to China for the court. So I believed them and they told me had to get a clearance of my assets so I had to send them all my savings, took out all my 401k, home equity etc and later they told me to get loans. So at the end I lost over 300k usd. I reported the Chinese police, FBI etc but seems no use… so maybe keep me in prayer, God has been healing ❤️‍🩹 and rebuilding our finances. So please warn all the international students on this. And keep us in your prayer thank you!

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  1. I’m curious what justification they gave for you having to take out loans?

  2. Interesting, this seems to target international students? With a lot of info.

    So, afully targeted scam. Not common.

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