Has anyone ever heard of the online store Gotwer?

I was googling a product I want and found it at an insanely low price ($18.50, normally $200-250, and the site shows the full price and the 93% discount).

Most of the other stuff on their site seems priced normally, some steep sales but not many. I can’t find any reviews online.

I have the suspicion that the item I want is fake. The payment went through Stripe, not directly into their site (I hope). Anyway, I’m not 100% sold on this being real or them not scamming me, but 93% off is just too good a deal to pass up. I once ordered the “full blu ray set of Harry Potter movies” from wish.com and they were DVDs. I complained and they gave me my money back and let me keep them 😂

Update: sorry, I took a Reddit break for a while. No, I never received the item or a confirmation email. Both their “support” email addresses generated errors. Definitely a scam :/

I filed a complaint at econsumer.gov

Update: sorry I take periodic Reddit vacations for my sanity and my eyeballs. I filed a claim with Chase. They seemed to take me seriously since I never got the product or even a confirmation email, and all the “support” emails listed on the site bounced back.

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  1. Alright, nothing yet! – What do we do as a reddit community? – To, at the least, Help ‘STOP’ others from getting scammed? – I’ll show up here from time to time, to put that idea in a forward process.

  2. I don’t know who’s behind this scam. But Dumb google is happy enabling these scams , as long as google gets its ads payment. Someone is using Australia’s cities and towns names as their web names
    I also ordered the Nest for 18.50 and haven’t got it yet .
    Gotwer doesn’t pop up on my search for a Nest. Now there’s another website “Becupe” , BOTH SPONSORED BY GOOGLE.
    Come on Google do something or I’m going with Microsoft for life .

  3. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    > ($18.50, normally $200-250, and the site shows the full price and the 93% discount).

    It’s a very common scam, dispute the payment when you can.

  4. Got here through a google search after finding a nest thermostat for $18.50 on Gotwer.

    Sounds like it is probably the same item?



    Everything about the site is new / unreported, I’m 99% sure it is a scam rather than some hot new e-commerce site that is so new there’s virtually no info about it (other than finding a too-good-to-be-true deal through a froogle search). I suspect they just built a website, either put a couple of items in a sweetheart deal, and take people for $18.50 at a time, hoping that some fraction of people will either forget or not bother reporting them for that relatively small dollar amount, then probably sell your credit card data down the road (I hope you used a 1 time use credit card number for this).


  5. OtakuJoey says:

    Found gotwer from Google’s shopping window. I would hope that Google would do some sort of vetting of what they list. Gotwer has several too good to be true prices: ring doorbell, fire tablet, ninja blender… all under $20 in the specials. Curiously, when I tried to add more than 1 in the cart, it says only 1 available.

  6. Yankee07MVP says:
  7. Yankee07MVP says:

    1cecream4breakfast, if you would tell us, please, did you ever get what you ordered at GOTWER.COM or no..?!?

  8. Well… as I read the Terms & Conditions section (towards the bottom), ORDER processing & Contr’c’t (yes misspelled) Formation section

    “Software Clearance” keeps ‘popping up’ as if that is a Copy/Paste type of contract – I don’t know…… but i want that RING for 17.99 – yes I say this with simple comedic obtrusiveness of desire to get the purchase (Or man, I hope I can get that 17.99 back 🙂 If that RING from GOOGLE EARTH: -> 1018 Cambridge Drive, Manheim, PA, 17545, United States / has my order on the way ) Thx Reddit for giving me the Op to vent. p.s. if it really shows up, I’ll let you know.

  9. tstretch26 says:

    I bought 4 Amazon Fire tablets, in 4 different transactions, each also costing for $18.50. VERY odd that this is the price for so many of the items on this site.

    I created an account, and never received a confimration email. I also never received one on my purchase.

    I also purchased 3 tablets under a “Guest account”, not logged into the account I created and have never received any confirmation there either.

    Also, used the “Contact Support” option and sent in a request, via THEIR request tool, and the email bounced back as not receivable.

    I’ll be extremely surprised if I actually ever do receive these items.

    I contacted my credit card and they said I had to wait 15 days to formally dispute the charges… We’ll see.

  10. H1m1tsuda says:

    Tried to buy RDR2, didn’t think $15 was suspicious, since on ebay I found it for $20. Never got a confirmation email, which is what set me off to google and etc. The charge came up as Teagues Hawker in Hawker Australia. Anyone else get that transaction or anything?

  11. [deleted] says:

    Have you heard anything yet? Did they send you the item?

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