Have i been scammed, Amazon seller


Long story short i ordered a item of a Amazon seller that is used at a fairly low price, now im starting wonder if the whole storefront is a scam. i will include a link to the store and want you guys to look into it and tell me what you think.



He sells a lot of items all used, and with around a 1 week wait for delivery. The business address from what i can tell is a residential property they do not answer the phones and as of yet no reply via amazons contact a seller.

The content was posted by benbow12 on 2021-10-06 17:36:37 via reddit

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:


    Yes it’s a scam. Did you order normally through Amazon, or did you contact the seller and follow their instructions?

  2. Small update, three days of back and forth with amazon. There backing seller and i have to wait until 3 days after the delivery date, the seller does not respond to my emails does not answer the phone. Amazons response is to keep sending pre written emails over and over again. Claiming the funds have not been taken there just earmarked again this is false information you only have 7 days after funds have been earmarked before there automatically returned, According to my bank that is so they have indeed taken the funds

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