Hello fam. i have a south korean beautiful woman who “texted the wrong number”

We talked for a while and we have trading (crypto) in common now. She assisted making an account on a OTC website for trading crypto. Everything is very shady and kindness like this doesnt exist. Weve made certain trades and its gone through and ive make money but this is super sketch need some help.

UPDATE: trying to withdraw i need to set up a password to withdraw that’s separate.. its not letting me customer service is quick to respond I’m guessing that’s not good

UPDATE 2: thanks for those empathetic to how it feels.

More info. It’s a website that looked legit. She knew a ton about Warren Buffett and (I’m a huge fan).She knew a lot about the 3m training system. She didn’t have any of my private info other than my phone. I’ve been in the military and trained always had people adding me I’ve been trained to not fall for. I do feel like a huge fool but im not sure how it happened either we talked a lot about foreign affairs and Singapore, South Korea and their lack of export.

Update 3: you guys showed me there 0% chance of my money coming back. Thank you to everyone who was kind. But those who weren’t or talking common sense, why kick a guy when he’s down? Made a mistake.

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  1. DarrenFromFinance says:

    You very likely haven’t made money. You very likely have the illusion of profit, but this illusion will vanish if you actually try to withdraw that money and find you can’t. We’ve seen it before.

  2. SniffOfAnOilyRag says:

    >Weve made certain trades and its gone through and ive make money

    I’m afraid you haven’t, it’s all fake. All you’ve done is sent money directly to a scammer’s wallet. Cease contact now before you lose more. This isn’t a suspicion, it’s fact.

  3. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    Very common !crypto ‘pig butchering’ scam. The site is fake and any money you’ve deposited is simply sent directly to the scammers.

  4. >UPDATE: trying to withdraw i need to set up a password to withdraw that’s separate.. its not letting me customer service is quick to respond I’m guessing that’s not good

    It’s not going to let you withdraw. The “customer service” is the same guy who’s pretending to be the girl. Whatever money you put in is gone. There were never any profits in the first place.

  5. Naughtiestdingo says:

    I always assumed that these scams rarely worked until I found this subreddit. This story gets posted so often here that i knew what was going on by reading “I have a south Korean beautiful woman”

  6. Of course it’s a scam. You’ve already lost whatever you’ve spent so help would be telling you to stop talking to this person who definitely is not a beautiful South Korean woman and not send any more.

  7. SuspiciousSir9319 says:

    You didn’t make any money, you’ve been scammed and you won’t realize you been scammed until you try to cash out this crypto. Nigerian people txt random American name they find on this site they use and 9/10 they’ve probably stalk to u before even messaging u

  8. antagonistic_tea says:

    Fucking scammers.

    Hope you didn’t deposit very much… 🙁

  9. Sadly, it’s a very common scam. There are no legitimate situations where someone randomly messages you by mistake and then decides to start helping you trade crypto. It’s like the Nigerian prince scam.

  10. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Watch out for !recovery scammers.

    Anybody that cold contacts you (“wrong number” or not) and offers to share their exciting investment opportunities with you is scamming.

  11. joeyGibson says:

    It’s a !crypto scam. Your money is gone. There were no trades and you made no profits.

  12. Lavendercrimson12 says:

    They are known to often allow an initial partial withdrawal to gain trust. Many reports of this.

    See if you can play along long enough to get some of your money back, don’t try for all of it, they won’t let you, but maybe up to 2/3rds? Act trusting, like if you see it’s legit and allows withdrawal to your bank, that you’ll invest much more.

  13. Inside-Definition-42 says:

    100% Scam.

    To have ANY hope of getting it back you could try dangling a big carrot in front of them.

    Ask if this process works with large sums of money too. When they ask, mention a family member passed away and left you e.g. $100,000 and you want to invest 50% in crypto. But 1st you want to check the withdrawal process for your existing funds then see what happens.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT transfer them more money. They may ask for a ‘validation’ fee or taxes or require scanned ID docs before you can withdraw. Edited to clarify – DO NOT GIVE THEM ID or money or anything more.

  14. JametAllDay says:

    This is why people need to join this sub and read thru it BEFORE they post anything. This is what, the fourth crypto scam and hot nice girl texting the wrong number we’ve seen on here in a week??

    Hey OP, sorry this happened to you but read thru more of this sub before you hand money to anyone else you don’t know.

  15. AltLawyer says:

    You’re getting pig butchered bad. Do NOT deposit a single additional penny, you will not get any money back

  16. KrishnaChick says:

    Is this person trolling? He puts “texted the wrong number” in quotes, as if he knows it’s a scam, but then acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on. And why do these people post here *after* they get scammed? How is it they find out when it’s too late, but don’t think to look for this sub before they act? I’d like to know the sequence of thoughts that finally leads them here, too late to get any benefit.

  17. AJKarnavar02 says:

    This is why “post nut clarity” is very important before making any financial decisions especially that involves beautiful women.

  18. OmarxRayyan says:

    Chinese scam – Sha Zhu Pan 杀猪盘 or Pig-Butchering Scam – crypto scam flxbank.com

    i was the victim of a chinese badass scam, That chinese woman texted me ‘by mistake’ and she has an uncle who taught her trading, she lives in new york for 20 years but originally from hong kong, studied finance and she’s a business owner, she was fattening me for two weeks then she wanted to mentor me and help me earn money, she was obviously using google translate because she was quitting WhatsApp every minute and then translating to English then she pastes the message, which made me even more suspicious: how come she’s been living in new york for 20 years and she’s using translator? i got fattened and was prepared to be slaughtered and once she asked me to send money to this website: [flxbank.com](https://flxbank.com) , i started researching it and i found a post on reddit that got me educated about it! Reddit’s community literally saved me 700$!
    The scam’s pattern is the following:
    – She texts you ‘by mistake’, she keeps talking to you and befriending you, she asks you a lot of questions about your life, she keeps telling you about her successes, trades and profits, she also said that she gives 20% of profits to charity and wants to mentor me to trade under one term- give 20% of profits to charity, which was a big point that made me believe her.. but in fact, 100% of profits\’invested’ money is going to the scammers, to fund the scam and hire more scammers and expand their criminal businesses.. she almost gained my heart but her progress and her slaughtering got halted when i’ve read an amazing article on a wonderful and remarkable website, ‘[reddit.com](https://reddit.com)’.

    They use multiple websites and send them to multiple victims, for me, they sent me : [flxbank.com](https://flxbank.com) , which seemed very suspicious for me.. be aware of it!

    Reddit full article:
    [Asian guy/girl from online dating mentors you to invest in Forex/Cryptocurrency Trading — Sha Zhu Pan 杀猪盘 or Pig-Butchering Scam : Scams (reddit.com)](https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/na8oax/asian_guygirl_from_online_dating_mentors_you_to/)

  19. Arsen1cCupcake says:

    I wonder if telling them you’re testing to make sure you can withdraw money and that this isn’t a scam before you go all in would work. Might be worth a shot. Absolutely don’t send anymore though.

  20. SeanConnery says:

    Lol this is surreal to people who have been on the internet through the dialup ages. You purposefully went to an unknown website to purchase untraceable crypto? Jesus this thing might have more to it than a bubble lol

  21. Internet strangers will not help you make money. Use common sense.

  22. sakotowski says:

    Here’s the thing, no one interested in dating is going to talk about what is essentially day trading. These are often real people who will only ask you enough questions to figure out if you have enough money to merit their time. Sure, they can talk about Singapore or Korea or whatever. They will claim they visited the USA before and that they are waiting for the pandemic to be over to come back. They often have an uncle who gives them investment tips – which is how they explain beating the market all the time. They will show you nice screen shots of trades indicating a profit – something that eTrade will never do. In short, they make it into a gamble that you expect to win because she’s letting you in on the deal.

    Think about this, if you had a scheme like this going, would you tell anyone? Would you announce to a complete stranger that you are inside trading? I’m guessing no. You would make your investments and get out. Any legitimate investment can be done on a US platform for trading.

  23. This sub is definitely eye opening. Like…how do people fall for any of this?

  24. damond5031 says:

    The military needs to do much better training apparently.

  25. Sounds like you not only dug that hole, but you jumped in willingly.

    And as for empathy, you gets none here. You didn’t make a mistake, you made a bad choice. Big difference. I promise you there was something in the back of your mind saying this wasn’t right, yet you chose to let the possibility of “mo’ money” guide you instead of common sense.

    You did something stupid, but it doesn’t make you a stupid person. Get over it because ain’t nothing you can do but wave goodbye to that money. And if I sound hard, it’s because those hard lessons are the ones that stick the longest.

    Press on.

  26. Interesting_Force760 says:

    Dude it’s a scam. I have lost mine to a scam few months ago and it was a Chinese dude who pulled this shit on me

  27. Morkyfrom0rky says:

    You actually think you are talking to a beautiful Korean woman?

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