hey um so this is super embarrasing. im 16 years old and i get a message on insta from a weird account. They a girl saying they horney and ask me to go into google hangout (she 18). I do, but i got a feeling it fishey. then we go on ft and its actually a girl and she start getting naked. I show my dick (it was super stupid) and then they say they actually not a girl. They a guy and they threaten to share my shit unless i send them money. is anything going to come out of this? will this actually go around?

The content was posted by Winter-Employment-44 on 2021-11-11 01:01:23 via reddit

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  1. VegasOldPerv says:

    Typical !blackmail scam. It gets posted here quite often. They have zero incentive to share your peener. Block and ignore.

  2. ScientificFlamingo says:

    It’s not so much the blackmail scam (which is more about an email stating they’ve hacked your computer and recorded you) as it is the !skype scam.

    The good news is it’s incredibly unlikely they’ll do anything with your pictures. The scammers really only care about money and sharing it your photos removes all the leverage they have over you. It also takes valuable time that they’d rather spend extorting someone else.

    I’m not going to beat you up over this—it sounds like you know you made a mistake—but I can’t overstate how bad an idea it is to take any nude photos of yourself if you’re under 18.

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