Help : drugs instead of a product I bought online, what kind of scam is that?

Help : drugs instead of a product I bought online, what kind of scam is that?

The content was posted by Mat0fr on 2021-10-07 05:51:14 via reddit

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  1. I bought online from a seller I already bought from and with who I never had any problem a roll of film for my camera.Yesterday I received a package with the name of the seller and the same address as the seller, and with the description ” photographic film roll”.when I opened the package I found no roll of film but instead two bottles of “Liquide Zeolite” and some pamphlets about how it can cure cancer and Aids and all kinds of problems.I contacted the seller right away, and I believe him when he says he has absolutely no idea what is, he never sent me this and it never happened with any clients.He also feels like it’s a scam of some sort but we both have no idea what is the point.

    This is the weirdest thing I ever got in the mail, and I heard about the Chinese seeds scam, but here we have something from a seller I know and that I didn’t buy on amazon but on his website.the fact that the product is some kind of Karen Antivaxx bullshit cure for everything is even more disturbing.Any help understanding?

  2. iambrutally says:

    Isn’t that the shit that Alex Jones grifts to his viewers? Throw it in the garbage. Don’t try to return it if it’s a “mistake” because the process to “refund” you will result in the VMware scam to get you to open your bank account info with them. If you didn’t order this, throw it away and cut your losses. Don’t contact the seller. If you bought it using PayPal or your bank, contact them and explain the situation.

  3. It’s just one of those bs alternative medicine cure-all’s. Snake oil. Toss it out, dispute with PayPal, and move on.

  4. ochisiepa says:

    Does the vendor acknowledge receiving the original purchase order from you? If so did they ship it already. If not then you clicked on a spoofed site. Must have lost your money and possibly credit card information. That would determine whether you need to bock the card or not

  5. ochisiepa says:

    Then just throw them out. I’m not sure what kind of marketing strategy they’re applying here but I don’t see how someone is going to try out a random cancer drug from the blues. If it’s a scam then there’s the next step coming

  6. Some website offering free samples. Easy way to get a real tracking number without actually paying for shipping.

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