Help! I’m being blackmailed by a mafia

Last week I received an extortion email which caught me off guard. The blackmailer claimed to be a member of a powerful and well-known mafia in my country (I prefer not to say which country I live in). The scary part is that the blackmailer knows so much about me. He has a copy of my passport’s personal data page, and he knows my home address, my office address, my phone number, as well as other personal info about me and my family members.

He threatened that he will kill all of us if I don’t pay the required money, which is 1 Bitcoin, within 15 days. He also claimed that he has documents associated with my work and that these documents, if leaked to police, will get me into prison (which is obviously a lie, because I’ve never been involved in any illegal activities). But he said that if these documents don’t put me behind bars, he can fabricate new documents for this purpose (in other words, he will frame me for a crime that I didn’t commit). And he also said that if I comply with his demands and pay the required amount on time, I will enjoy the protection of his group for the rest of my life (which I obviously don’t want).

Clearly this man isn’t like other scammers who just send generic emails to everyone and hope to receive money. I have already informed police, but they don’t seem to give a f**k. And off course there’s no way I will pay him anything. Not only because I can’t afford it, but also because if I pay him this time, he will blackmail me again and again in the future.

At the end of his email, the blackmailer promised me to ruin my life “in the most horrifying way” before I get tortured and, eventually, killed.

My brain is completely blocked right now. I’ve never been in such a situation in my entire life.

Please, has anyone experienced this? Any advice?

The content was posted by ABC_33 on 2021-11-18 17:56:34 via reddit

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    Sounds like a common !cartel scam. Don’t pay them.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Just ignore him, don’t respond in any way. It is a total scam. The information he has on you can be gotten online (via social media, data breaches, job searches, etc.) when I say don’t respond, that means nothing. Not even to tell him it is a scam. Just become a ghost to him. No matter what he sends (some even send pictures of dead bodies). Just remember, he is trying to scare you into paying, and he has nothing! So breath, and relax, and move on with your life.

  3. music_man1959 says:

    Have you Googled any of the phrases in the email? Scammers are lazy and will re-use the same script 100’s , if not 1000s of times.

  4. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    > Clearly this man isn’t like other scammers who just send generic emails to everyone and hope to receive money.

    Yes, he is. Like every other blackmail email scam, a data breach has been incorporated into the message to make it seem more real.

  5. Navy_Lime13 says:

    honestly it sounds like a scam to me

    btw did u inform your son school about the situation?

    and is police in ur country investigating this?

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