Help! Is this a Scam? (Facebook Marketplace first time seller)

Hi, I’m a first-time seller on Facebook marketplace and recently received an offer rather quickly after listing my item. The item being sold is a mid-tier gaming PC for $800.

The person who contacted me said, and I quote, “Okay do you have FacebookPay set up so I can proceed with the payment via Facebook Market Place here for safety of sellers and buyers.”

I want to be inclined to believe that this guy knows what he’s talking about and wants to buy this in the safest way possible. Is facebook pay a secure way of ensuring I get my money as a seller without him being able to take the money away from me after receiving the item? I have never used facebook pay so I don’t know if I can get scammed in this way.

I honestly would prefer a public transaction in person but he lives relatively far from me (not drivable).

The content was posted by mochimoch1 on 2021-11-08 23:26:13 via reddit

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  1. let me guess, he also wants to send you a little bit extra to pay for shipping?

  2. ResidentAsylum says:

    The only safe way to proceed scam-free is cash only.

  3. JTheberge83 says:

    I’ve noticed “proceed with” seems to be scammer language.

    They all say “proceed with payment” or something of that nature.

  4. hydrangeasinbloom says:

    The only way I will sell something to a stranger online is cash in hand at the police station parking lot. You’d be surprised how many people who claim to be local will flat out refuse to do that. It made me realize how many people are scammers. Or maybe murderers 😅

  5. Cash is king. Definite scammer.

  6. Hot_Aside_4637 says:

    Nobody talks that way. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a “kindly”

  7. ScammersonBlast says:


  8. DR_Timefox says:

    Especially on Facebook these days, I have been seeing more scams than legit ads and buyers

  9. If you want to meet in person, say so. Why are you even entertaining this Facebook pay?

  10. optix_clear says:

    Venmo, PayPal where there is a payment trail.

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