Help me

So I was going to sell my iPhone 12 and now I have a guy bothering me on fb saying he wants to buy it he sent the money to moneygram and they “sent me an email stating I need to mail it first” which I know is bs I told him over n over no I know it’s a scam but he keeps trying so how can I mess with this guy anyone got any good ideas? I was going to send him a rubber ware of dog shit but that’s to much work

The content was posted by siuol7891 on 2021-10-13 01:27:38 via reddit

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  1. Why do u want to entertain him? Block him and move on

  2. Play the game, win stupid prizes.

  3. iambrutally says:

    Don’t entertain the scammer or waste his time. You could trigger something worse for yourself by accident since you’re obviously not kept and have to ask. Block and move on. Also, if you REALLY want to ask for that advice, r/scambait is what you want. That’s actually against the rules of this subreddit to give or ask for advice on how to mess around.

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