Hello guys.

I recently fell into a Snapchat extortion Scam. I know you’re probably tired of these kind of posts on the sub but some reassuring words would really make me feel way better.

For whatever reason I ended up getting at it on Snapchat with “a girl” after a few hours of talking. You guys know how this goes, got all kinds of threats and mi pics sent to a few Instagram followers, since they found my public account.

Guy was asking desperately for 200 hundred, I didn’t know how to act and told him I have literally no money of my own and I don’t want to involve my parents in this bullshit (I am an underage student living alone). They started sending me screenshots of them sending my pics to some friends of mine on Instagram, so I talked to them and asked them to kindly delete the message requests without opening them. After 10 or so minutes if intense threatening, the scammer told me he would go as low as 15 dollars or my Instagram account passwords. Obviously I told him to fuck off and stopped all communications.

I immediately deleted the Convo out of fear, which now I know was a mistake. I renamed my Instagram account and made it private. Then I didn’t hear anything from them in a couple days so I went ahead and deactivated it.

I don’t know if should get back on Instagram or Snapchat in order to watch out on anything, or complete disappear from the internet for a couple of months. I have read some advice on other cases is to just report, block and ignore; but I am feeling paranoid and in deep fear of them coming back.

The content was posted by TheChemaZarroca on 2021-10-04 15:32:34 via reddit

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  1. Princessluna44 says:

    Extremely common. Block and ignore.

    Quite showing your junk to strangers online, **especially if you are a minor**.

  2. industry_killer says:

    The advice you read is the correct advice. Not much else you can do at this point.

  3. Scammers do this to hundreds or thousand of horny dudes daily. Do you really think they’re going to spend their time sending out random dick pics of people who ghosted them, or instead looking for more guys to get to send nudes?

  4. I guess, watching them out doesn’t even help. It’s like you are attracting them to go to you. Just go back to IG and Snapchat like you used to do after two weeks, I guess, and whenever somebody contacted you again. Just block them and move on.

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