There’s lots of cute hoodies and random stuff on this website called []( but it doesn’t show any reviews at all. I’ve checked there Instagram but it barley has any good information. Is this website legit? is it a scam?

The content was posted by that_one1_weirdo on 2021-07-12 14:41:45 via reddit

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  1. GirICorpse says:

    i wouldn’t trust it, normally if you purchase something from online, they will have that little lock in the web address bar to verify that they can’t steal your information or give it to others. however this website does not have that, so i would say it’s a scam and suspicious.

  2. Artistic_Sea8532 says:

    i wouldnt order from it, its most likely a scam. but ive seen that type of website before, the quality of the hoodie would not be good at all. although, if u want a hoodie like the ones they have, I’ve seen a lot like that on shein/romwe, which may be fast fashion but at least you’re guaranteed some sort of hoodie.

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