Hey guys, is pawtlyofficial on Instagram a scam?

So, I have been recently contacted by someone stating that pawtlyofficial ([https://www.instagram.com/pawtlyofficial/](https://www.instagram.com/pawtlyofficial/) ) wants to collab with me. I have recently started photography and posted only a single picture of my dog. I texted the account because I was curious. What I got looked like an automated response that said that I will receive 3 free products from their site and get an affiliate link that whenever used by someone will give them 50% discount and give me 15$. I went to the site to order, used the code, but the shipping fee is 30 pounds. What do you think, is this legit or is it a scam?

The content was posted by dbuds8 on 2021-10-12 18:57:28 via reddit

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  1. sykoticwit says:

    Everything on Instagram is a scam.

  2. thewindinthewillows says:

    They source cheap rubbish on Aliexpress and so on. Then they mark it up x10. People think the products must be high-quality if they are that expensive.

    Now they contact people and try to make them “influencers”. They give a “discount”. The resulting product is still marked up many times from the amount they sourced it for – and as you see, they make money on shipping too.

    You wouldn’t be an influencer, but rather a customer overpaying on cheap rubbish.

  3. It sounds like they want to scam you for 30 pounds. If you really were an influencer they’d give you the stuff for free, not charge you and give you a discount.

  4. I use to get these messages all the time, saying they “liked my style” and wanted to “collab”. My insta is private so they can’t have seen any of my photos.

  5. alb92xoxo says:

    Man I wish I saw this earlier 🥴 I noticed that other IG people were messaging to collab and had the same kinds of toys. So I guess I’ll just deal with the one collab I decided to do and never do it again unless it’s a local place or they make their own toys and bandanas

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