Hey is a safe website to buy from

The deals just seem a bit to good for what they are. Is the website safe to buy from

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  1. I literally was thinking the same thing I ordered a gaming desk the 78inch gaming one I received the tracking number from them yesterday and shall receive my item within 15-25 days. Ill post the results once i receive hopefully!

  2. Question: I was going to buy from ebay a bottle of cologne, on there they were going to charge tax. I visited the seller’s website and wasn’t charged tax, thusly making my purchase much cheaper.

    Why charge tax on ebay and not on the seller’s own website??

  3. Just reviewed an update it landed in the states should be getting it within the week ill keep you updated.

  4. Its a scam. I ordered a gaming chair and the package that came was face masks. Not sure how to get my money back

  5. UPDATE: ITS A SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I received 10 face masks in the mail. So sad…. Does anyone know how to report the site for fraud???

  6. nope. was testing out fake products for an experiment and ordered a chair for $53 that originally sells at gamestop for $150. it’s been a month and only got a pack of masks with the same tracking code the website gave me. asked for my money back and haven’t gotten a refund.

  7. It is a scam I ordered the gaming chair and they sent me face mask that aren’t worth 5.00 I’m out 54.00 if tryed getting ahold of them and no answer phone number is bogus

  8. Order date: Oct 03 2020

    Today’s date: Nov 09 2020

    No tracking or details… just says Processing. I’d recommend to stay away

  9. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!!!! It’s totally a scam, ordered a gaming chair and got masks!

  10. I ordered an L shaped desk from the site and 45 days later received disposable masks in my mailbox. Paypal is giving me a hard time disputing since the tracking number matched and says was delivered! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! The send you any trinket in the mail so they have a paper trail of the item being delivered but you will NOT receive what you ordered.

  11. I bought a desk from zoaies and ended up with a pack of 10 paper masks from China. Paypal is requiring a police report to refund me. Wish I’d never heard of this stupid company. Don’t order from them. Total scam.

  12. I ordered the gaming chair and immediately got suspicious. Found all the comments on here. I contacted my bank did a dispute on the purchase and was issued a refund.


    DO NOT order the gaming chair from this site! Placed an order in October 2020, received KN95 face masks a month later. When reaching out to the company, it took way too long for a response and when they did reply, they said they would send the correct item. I told them to cancel the order, and that I want a refund. They wrote back saying they will just send the item again and I should just wait and provided a tracking #. Now at the end of November, as it arrived to the facility to transfer and deliver to me, it was lost and updated that way on the tracking. I reached out to the company again and they would not agree to a refund. They said they would send the item again. I have been fighting for over 2 months for my money back. All they do is write back saying we can give you 70% of the money back and how I should understand the hardship of their company. I have about 10 emails of them saying only 70% refund and how I have to understand for their company. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS DOES THIS??? Such a terrible experience, I will NEVER Order from this site again! I had to report the charge as fraud to my bank for an investigation. TERRIBLE!!! DO NOT ORDER!

    December 9th my husband ordered a gaming chair and a gaming computer desk, for Christmas for our son. We paid $120 dollars and today January 20th we received a pair of cheap Ray Bans, in a smashed box, we did not order! I sent them an email and they haven’t responded. Definitely a scam!! My son was truly disappointed. 😞

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