Hi, where do we report an offline fraud/scam?

We found a laptop repair company in Cincinnati last year to fix our laptop. It worked fine for a year and then died this year again. So, we approached the same person again. She came to see the device, told us what was wrong and how much will it take to fix it. She took it along to do the repair and said we can pay in cash to save on additional fees. Never handed over any receipts. It’s been over a week now and her numbers are switched off. She has deleted her business website and you can’t even see it on google now. We trusted her because she fixed it once last year and also seemed have to good reviews online (till last week). There was something off about her that I and my husband could feel. She lied about a lot of stuff during the brief conversation we had with her at our home but she also mentioned she was in depression and suicidal for sometime after an incident last year. We didn’t want to make her feel bad so we did not say anything. Now she is not responding to any of our messages or calls and is posting stuff on her instagram. Can someone please tell me what to do? This person is the sole proprietor of her business. I really need that laptop back.

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  1. It’s theft, so the police.

  2. No harm in trying. Just tell them everything you know about her.

    Basically, what you posted here.

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