Hong Kong B.S. WhatsApp scammer “helps victims recover their funds”

This is the story of May from Hong Kong. She is a proclaimed investment analyst and first appeared in the comments section of an article written by myself about Tinder scams, specifically the “pig-butchering scam”.

**May became angry when I removed her WhatsApp phone number from the comment she submitted for publication below the article.**

💋 [Chinese Tinder Profiles Are Using Photos of Pretty Girls to Scam Investors](https://www.smallbizgeek.co.uk/chinese-scammers-hk-girls-tinder/) – article with screenshots.

She demonstrated a level of maturity rarely seen in my WhatsApp messages. Her vile insults reinforced the suspicion that this was really just another con artist trying their luck but failing and then venting their frustration at me.

Regardless of language or culture differences, I considered her vulgarity extremely childish. More importantly, I decided to play along with her and document all our interactions on WhatsApp. It was the beginning of a bizarre and fascinating friendship with someone who was clearly an experienced liar.

WhatsApp screenshots are the basis of all our interactions and they were voice acted my myself and a whole cast of characters. The professional voice actors did an amazing job and I have to admit this was a huge undertaking, as I know little about video editing.

[Introduction to “May” the scammer](https://youtu.be/eovWe-f4Uww) – YouTube video (6 minutes)

The video above is just an excerpt from episode 1 of a four part series. There are many strange conversations and fascinating insights. It shows just what lengths they’re willing to go to in order to scam. What she really wanted was for me to trust her and publicly endorse her on my website by publishing her phone number so that people would contact her thinking she would help them get their money back.

😣 [Exposed: This Hong Kong Investment Analyst and “Scam Recovery” Expert is a Liar] (https://www.smallbizgeek.co.uk/hong-kong-investment-recovery-scammer/) – latest article all about May the recovery scammer

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  1. JaneOfAll-Trades says:

    This is crazy elaborate! Kudos to documenting all this and exposing this scammer!

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I feel like I’m caught up in a variation of this. Do you know if scammers will try and set up a date to meet up with you? The day is a couple weeks out but based on our past conversations some things don’t match up.

  4. I absolutely hate this scam.


    PS: I read all of your website link. It was very insightful. The comments too, quite interesting.

  5. carolineecouture says:

    Nice article. Thank you for doing this. Very sad to see this happening to people every day.

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