Horror Story Buying Computer Parts

I’m typing this fresh from completely grilling a seller who didn’t take the time to read or understand buyer requests. I’m a little annoyed after spending a month back and forth with single-line conversation-like emails, so I apologise if there is any incoherency. I spent over $1050 so I don’t think it should slide so easily. It’s a long story but well worth the read if you’re bored.

TL;DR: Seller attempts to change configuration of computer parts after a sale and withholding more valuable parts we agreed to be sent so as to save money. This story is still taking place although it’s at its end as the seller has finally provided some postage documentation of the replacement parts after my opening an eBay returns case. Even though there is buyer protection please also be mindful these people exist.

Flashback to the beginning of July, in a small suburban town in Sydney. I’m buying computer parts (for my server Mac Pro tower) to upgrade the home office as (at the time of writing) Sydney is in harsh lockdown and I need rendering power to do my job. I find a local listing on eBay that the seller has conveyed they have a specced out build with extra parts local to me – so naturally I assume that it’s as simple as sending a build list and have them send over the parts I need right? WRONG.

Despite knowing what I’m after (which I’ve literally dot-pointed in an email that I need a specific processor and also X amount of RAM installed on a dual processor tray), they still can’t get the configuration correct. Now apparently the upgraded processors which the listing made out to be in stock (but not installed) had to be ordered overseas. The seller has mentioned they originated from Hong Kong, and the only ones available from Hong Kong shipped in a pair, also on eBay – an important detail to remember is these are valued at $219 plus shipping. This listing was for a whole running tower with GPU and the lot for a total of $1400 and $75 shipping, but despite that my budget still came up to almost $1100 for only the dual-processor tray and two sticks of RAM (I didn’t need the GPU, motherboard etc). Suspiciously, postage would have costed more than $300 for the tower to be sent which I’m unsure why they didn’t adjust their own listing for.

So after they tell me that it’ll take a week for my upgraded processors to arrive I’m now told they were shipped the wrong ones (which coincidentally were the same less-powerful spec that was in the listing). At this point I’m giving some serious side-eye as there’s no way that any parts stores can make such a simple mistake if the model number is laser etched onto the processors – but benefit of the doubt and they’re only 10% slower anyway. What really made me think twice was how they now offered me $145 as remuneration. Remember how the only ones available were $219 plus shipping? Something doesn’t add up. On top of that, in the 3 emails prior to this the seller was weirdly insistent that they wanted to be paid during their holiday so they wanted shipment to happen ASAP.

In the interest of getting my business up and running I agree to settle with them keeping the original sum I paid but in return perhaps throw in a slightly slower Corsair SSD and a PCIe caddy they also listed. They had mentioned they stocked Corsair and Samsung NVMe drives. All was well and agreed to and so my shipment is on the way – but I get an extra email that the SSD ALSO needed to be shipped separately as they didn’t have it. I’m annoyed at this point as I had been communicated that these things were in stock but their excuse was they had Samsung but not Corsair so they just ordered it separately without confirming with me. This is the first of three drives that will be allegedly sent direct to me (it’s been two weeks and I haven’t seen a trace of tracking info nor this first drive).

90% of what I ordered had arrived and was working great but I’m still short on that one SSD we agreed to be sent. So I follow up asking if I could have a tracking number or some sort of documentation from their supplier. Over the course of two weeks the only responses (or lack thereof) are that the drive was sent direct to me and they had no receipts as it was thrown away. SERIOUS SQUINTING at this point as I regularly order items online and for something to take this long would mean it was either lost or just flat out not sent in the first place. This is happening all the while they were pressuring for payment to be cleared.

I put pressure on them to do something about it by opening an eBay returns case asking for a partial refund. This prompts them to send me a photo of a replacement SSD (2nd of the three) sitting on top of a postage-paid bag on August 02. Still no tracking number nor transaction statement that it was sent (if I’m to believe that they threw the receipt away). There was absolute silence as I kept nagging them to just give me a bloody refund so that I could just get a drive myself. They followed up with an email begging me to just let them refund $145 once again for the original Corsair SSD (valued at $199). Their excuse for the silence was that they were stuck in quarantine with no computer access which at a minimum lasts 14 days. At this point I’m three weeks in to a $1000 transaction that I could have sourced parts myself in a week tops, and I was not going to let them lowball me into saving them even more dollars. I was simply so fed up with back and forth single-sentence emails I just forked out the extra money and got a drive locally to get up and running.

I had to escalate the case for them to actually send a screenshot of an Amazon order that a replacement drive was sent out (3rd drive of three) but once again, I asked for a refund not a drive to be sent out. All of this happened within a week of today (August 09) where they are suddenly able to harass me for threatening to leave negative feedback. There was simply no way that they got let out of lockdown 7 days in so I’m absolutely positive they were just trying to cheap out from day one.

This brings us to present day as I had just finished typing an angry email that it was totally not ok to scam someone over pennies and that I wasn’t going to let people like them take advantage of me, and that as a seller it was their responsibility to agree/decline specific terms of sale if money was that much of an issue to them. Looking back it makes perfect sense that their intentions from the start was to save as much money as possible by not ordering the upgraded processors, withholding these expensive SSDs and trying to settle by offering a slightly smaller refund which doesn’t compensate for half of what was missing. They simply wanted to send what they thought was reasonable value whether they had what I needed or not. Absolutely infuriating waste of a month’s time, lost revenue and general sleep waiting for something that would never come.

Sorry for the long post but I had to let this be known as it’s been such a long time that I’ve run into such dodgy people even on a well-reputable site like eBay. If something seems suspicious, follow your gut feelings!

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