How did this even get past the gmail spam filter?

How did this even get past the gmail spam filter?

The content was posted by hcollector on 2021-10-11 16:52:18 via reddit

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  1. WeirdScience420 says:

    Because “IDJFHDID PEBVGYJC GGWGFBFI HUOKB” isn’t a phrase that’s usually picked up by spam filters. Just report and block.

  2. teratical says:

    We’ve been inundated with these the last week or so. Here’s the best explanation I’ve seen:

    *It’s a Bitcoin scam. The .htm file redirects via embedded JavaScript to a website that poses as some kind of scheme by Elon Musk. You’re shown a bunch of fake people each sending you 0.01 BTC, until you have a little over 0.5, and then you’re told to send your own 0.01 BTC to a “random” recipient.*


  3. It’s new-ish. Report as spam to help train the filters.

  4. MayBeeDunn says:

    I got the EXACT same thing. Just mark as spam to help train Google better and move on.

  5. I got it today as well.

  6. Acojonancio says:

    I received this last week or so, with a bunch of other emails of other people on CC…

  7. Huddlestone says:

    Looks like scammers are using random text to Bypass filters and it seems gmail doesn’t mark those as spam. But a random set of letters isn’t going to get more people than regularly worded ones.

  8. I got this like 2 or 3 weeks ago, jus another crypto scam

  9. It’s a new up and coming scam. Reported a lot over the last week.

  10. I got a few of these as well. Interestingly enough it was something similar to the “Elon Must… .htm” file too. Just do as others already suggested and report it as spam.

  11. -COVID-420 says:

    I’ve been getting 4-8 of these every day for the past month. They went past filter at first but now majority goes directly to spam.

  12. I have just started to receive these now… Since the start of 2021 there has been an increase of Spam on Gmail. It is getting very annoying and now they are trying new methods and bypassing Spam Box.

  13. Never received spam, now I get two of these daily lmao.

  14. unomomentos says:

    I get at least one email a day to my primary inbox (gmail). It’s addressed to [myfirstname] and is clearly spam. I send to junk every time. And I still get more 😞 Gmail u disappoint me

  15. internauta says:

    Can you share the full message headers?

  16. qviavdetadipiscitvr says:

    But how can it be a scam? It says Elon Musk!

  17. CaUsE is ElOn MuSK Duh

  18. I got this a few days back, any clue as to what the gibberish means?

  19. astrogato says:

    I got like 2 of them in 1h.

  20. yukeezy87 says:

    Because that means the mail is completely legit and you should open the file??? Duh! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. I accidentally clicked on the file on my iPhone. Do I need to do anything?

  22. OpalOwl74 says:

    i get ones with just question marks a lot.

  23. I’ve been getting these daily for a few weeks now, After reporting them as spam every time though they now go straight into the spam folder.

  24. iWORKBRiEFLY says:

    I got that a few weeks ago

  25. samtony234 says:

    I got the same type of thing yesterday.

  26. smallangrynerd says:

    I’ve been getting those too lol

  27. KatBScratchy says:

    Been getting a ton of these too, the most annoying part is the other random targets on the “To:” list are hitting reply all to say “I’m not supposed to be getting this take me off your list.

    I’ve started replying to them with that meme pic about God killing a kitten every time someone hits reply all.

  28. Been getting a ton of these lately. Weird that it’s not recognized as spam already. When I send an attachment with no subject I often have to ask the recipient to check their spam folder …

  29. Spam filters are also in the Cult of Elon?

  30. arbitrageME says:

    download it for science

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