How do I spot a scammer on Internet and in the social media?

people say that a typical caracteristic of a scammer is that they offer something that appears very good for you from sudden without you to request that. And the offer is often attractive and much more advantageous than the average thing.

For exemple the scam show you an investment that repay you a much higher percentage from the best investment from banks. It seens attractive but also people say that most things that sounds to good to be true when it come to money is either fake or a illegal activity. The same things as the get rich schemes and people that offer you a work from home and promise you a very high profit in a short period of time.

On Instagram people also say that if you see a profile page showing people having a lot of cash and the owner of the profile tell you that you can achieve the same it is also another scam. They say that they use instagram because it is a very visual social media and most people have the the desire of enhance their lives in a short period of times in a unlealistic way.

There are many other ways that scammers attract their prey but I`d like you to tell me.

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  1. Here’s how I look at it –

    If it’s being advertised on social media, it’s a scam.

    Facebook? Scam

    Instagram? Scam

    YouTube? Scam

    SnapChat? Scam

    Dating App/Site? Scam

    The only way to ensure you’re **not** getting scammed, is to only buy online directly from stores (,, etc.) Amazon, eBay, and are not necessarily safe because they all allow 3rd party sellers.

    Never pay for anything using ANY digital money app, unless directed to PayPal through the website checkout (again, at trusted direct store sites).

    That’s really the only way to ensure you will **NEVER** get scammed.

    Or, just don’t buy things online period, but let’s be real… How feasible is that in today’s society 🤷🏼‍♀️😅

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