How does Walmart avoid scams involving missing or damaged items?

I make online Walmart orders and often I get a notification saying my items are arriving early. This means that someone is going to deliver it doordash style instead of through a shipping service. This would be fine, except there’s almost always an issue– either the wrong items or arrive, they don’t arrive at all, or they are placed in a location where they will get stolen.

I’ve called about it and they’ve given me refunds without question (usually $10-$20 worth). But it got me thinking– what if this keeps happening and they think it’s a scam? Is there a limit to how often they can do this? How can they just take my word for it?

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  1. They keep track of how many times this happens. Eventually they can just ban your account/address from ordering online.

  2. Stores keep track of every return and refund. Yes, they have a limit. There are people who can no longer return items. So I would assume the same I’d true for refunds.

    Some EBay sellers will buy items at a discount, attempt to sell them online for a profit. If they can’t sell it, they return it. Many stores eventually stop allowing returns.

    Stores keep a lot of detailed info on their customers. Especially through online orders which require a login.

  3. Many stores use 3rd party companies that use Machine Learning to track refunds and exchanges looking for fraudulent patterns. For example, Best Buy, Home Depot and a few other big brick and mortar store use [The Retail Equation](

    If they blacklist you for fraudulent returns, it can be very hard, nearly impossible, to get off the blacklist. And if you are blacklisted, you can’t make any more returns and all of your purchases become final sale.

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